The MIDIT's Strategic Local Economic Development Plan seeks to pre-empt changes which, derived from decisions outside the territory, affect and may become lethal to employment and economic activity, given its high dependence on a sector, nuclear energy production in this case. For this reason, encouraging processes that favour economic diversification and the resulting generation of employment becomes the main challenge of the plan. The other major challenge that arises in the launch of the strategic planning process is the desire to integrate the private sector as an active player to participate in the process by providing ideas and opinions so that the result is a Strategic Plan of Public-Private Economic Promotion, that is, established by consensus on the priorities, strategies and projects to be developed throughout its implementation.

2008 2020It is a matter of acting together and coordinated, having identified the opportunities for the long term, so that short- and medium-term actions with persistent work, have consistent results; in short, there was a public will to stop acting reactively in the short term, as a simple sum of components, and it has been willing to act proactively to generate confidence scenarios so that the private sector acts by investing and generating economic activity and employment.

One of the spooks of this local public will, it is in the changing economic cycle of great expansion that has led to employment, and also in the public energy policy of the Spanish State, in force in the years 2008–2010, which has led to the "questioning" of nuclear power, which has a special impact on the territory in the perspective of 2020. In short, we would like to lead and lead the policies of economic promotion, and in particular Local Economic Development (LED). The LED in the energy area, and with particular emphasis on nuclear energy, is a reality that has been possible in the territory; but this does not rule out the fact that economic diversification can continue to be made as easy as possible, based on its un materialised realities and potential.